Final Project Assignment Guidelines

Assignment Overview


The final written assignment requires a substantive effort and is required to successfully pass this course. The final written assignment will be a written paper which is at about 12-pages in length, exclusive of the reference page, double-spaced. The paper should cite at least six sources independent of the course assigned textbooks and readings.

In this paper students will comprehensively discuss a case study they have selected. The case study selection should represent a number of the topics covered by the Master’s Program at the University of the People. In the case analysis, students should demonstrate synthesis of their acquired knowledge from the various disciplines applied to the case study selected. In doing so, students should strive to introduce into the discussion creative solutions and flexible-critical thinking.

The final paper also represents an integration of the work performed with Written Assignments 3 and 6 (see the Appendix in this document for more information.) The requirements of Written Assignments 3 and 6 are restated in the appendix of this assignment guide.

In those written assignments the student has:

  1. Selected a case study and identified the problem
  2. discerned the cause of the problem,
  3. Analyzed the case and formulated alternatives to arrive at a recommendation, and
  4. Described a plan of action to implement the student’s recommendation.

 Section One – Problem Statement: This section should provide an introduction to the case study selected for the final assignment. It should introduce the case and provide detailed background of the subject-company. It should also provide a description of the problem situation in which the subject company finds itself. There should be sufficient detail of the subject and its situation to provide the basis for identifying the problem it faces.

Section Two – Literature Review: This section provides a review of the research sources used to research and support the case analysis. Most of the research has already been conducted by the student,

Section Three – Case Elements: From the Problem Statement (Section 1), the third section will logically follow. This section of the paper should identify and provide analysis the root cause of the organization’s problem. The root cause should be described in such detail as to provide sufficient information for a discussion within this section of the paper and of proposed solutions/recommendations to be discussed in the next sections.

Section Four – Recommended Action Plan: From the prior section — Case Elements–the fourth section will select, from the alternatives discussed in Section Three, the best alternative and present it as the recommended solution. This section will provide a narrative as to why the recommended solution is the best alternative, with supporting logic and research. A high-level action plan which provides a description of implementation steps concludes this section.

Section Five – Case Solution: This section discusses the importance of the case study. This discussion takes the form of highlighting the issues discussed as well as their relevance and importance to the business world.