How To Write a Business and Corporations Law Assignment?

Corporate law is often cited as business law, company law, or even enterprise law. It includes all legislation and statutes that cover all the aspects of running a corporation- right from its opening to its funding and governance to its ending or winding up as a legal entity. Corporate laws determined the rights and conduct of business and the people related to it. It helps the company deal with several regulations and assets when they are terminated during eventualities like the liquidation process. 

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Corporate and Business Law can be divided into two subgroups such as:-  

  • Corporate Finance– This is the study of finance to create sources of the company’s wealth. It is all about that specific code of conduct implemented by a company’s senior official, as managers or CEOs, to enhance their firms’ value or reputations.
  • Corporate Governance– Corporate governance is defined as the study of relationships between the executives and the senior officials or the company’s executives. It involves the board of directors and also the people who appoint them.

Corporations are set up and operated with the help of corporation law. All state has laws that are bound to control the members of each corporate zone. The legal set-up that is often created under the laws of the state is known as corporations. The law may differ in each state. Also, corporations may take different structures and be used as examples of the state’s culture and/or organizational culture. The rights and obligations to those under corporate law are considered, thus taking legal derivative towards those people’s requirements that are assessed for positions. Corporate law enhances corporate social responsibilities and increases the degree to which corporate citizenship is put to work. 

Directors are the main contributors to company growth; thus, the scrutiny of how they function, along with the motive they serve in several corporations concerning specified duties and responsibilities and the various generalized roles within specific organizations. 

Important characteristics of a Corporate House

Important characteristics of a Corporate House are as follows:-

  • Distinctive Personality– Is the crucial feature of a company, which means that any company’s image is distinct from its owner’s image. It can be sued on that distinctive name only.
  • Limited Liability- Limited Liability is no lesser than a boon to a company. Shareholders are responsible only to a limited extent for the capital contribution. This is the implication of the same fact that at the time of compensating debts, the shareholders only have to pay the sum that he/she has in the form of shares.
  • Common Seal- It is defined as the official signature of any company. The company enters a contract with the help of a common seal only.
  • Contractual Right- Shareholders cannot bind anybody with the contract made by the company. Neither he has the right to do so, nor is he authorized to get the benefits. Members of the company or the shareholders can be proceeded against by the contract made by the company.

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