How to Write an Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment?

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Well-designed integrated marketing communication includes various media to enhance the results of marketing campaigns. Each element reinforces the other, ultimately aligning the campaign at each stage to ensure success. These elements’ importance is that they are working together to communicate a consistent message informing the target audience on the product/services. The advantages of the implementation determine how successful the marketing plan is. 

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Integrated Marketing Communication is a simple concept that ensures that all forms of messages and communications are linked together, and the message is conveyed to the target market. Its main purpose is to promote its brand and survive the long run in the market. Integrated marketing is a motion to create a unified, seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise’; it attempts to unify all the details of marketing communication such as advertising, sales, public relations, direct marketing, promotion, and social media, through their respective mix of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activates, so that all work together as a united force. It is a process designed to secure that all messaging and communication strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the customers.  

The Essential Components of Integrated Marketing Communication

The essential components of integrated marketing communication are as follows:-

  • Social Media– Create relevant content for your followers, establish a dialogue with your followers.
  • Promotion/ Advertising– Techniques used to influence consumer’s buying behavior, builds brand image.
  • Personal Selling– Very effective interaction with customers, allow for feedbacks.
  • Email/Direct Marketing– It is a personalized, customized, and convenient way to market, allows you to constantly stay in touch with consumers and keep them updated on your products.

For structuring a comprehensive and useful integrated marketing communication plan, there is certain information that is required. The lists of assumption are as follows:- 

  • The amounts spent on business communication.
  • The result of previous marketing communication programs.
  • Specific goals of the company.
  • The goals concerning the product.
  • The increase/decrease in the number of customers in the last three years.
  • The issue is faced with the previously integrated marketing communication plan.

An integrated marketing communication plan helps an organization to handle the changes that take place in the market. Along with improving external and internal communication, IMA also supports an organization to achieve its goal and objectives. 

The two primary sources of implying an Integrated marketing communication strategy are as follows:-

1.    Broadcast Media– It includes Television, Radio 

2.    Print Media– It contains Newspapers, Magazines.

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