How to Write Global Marketing Assignment?

Assignment Writing Australia is a leading academic writing service provider. Global marketing is the procedure of adjusting the marketing strategies of a company to adapt to other countries’ conditions. Global marketing embrace strategies that look at the entire world as their arena of operations. Global marketing comprises selling your products or services globally, but it is not bounded to that. It involves planning, creating positioning, and promoting your products in a global market. As the domestic markets mature, it is becoming more and more fashionable for organizations to seek growth through foreign countries’ opportunities. Components like faster communication, new technologies, and improved transport links make international markets more accessible, and businesses tracing a global position can experience an upsurge in brand awareness and cost-effectiveness. It is the phase of marketing which is extended from an original source to an international level covering various nations or countries across the globe. Businesses and organizations can enter a global market through a joint venture, foreign direct investment, by the creation of strong brand culture, marketing as if there were no borders, etc.

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Global Marketing Strategies:

1.    Creation of a Strong Brand Culture– a brand culture that is familiar to customers attracts the customer more. In the modern world, the consumer needs to see what brand they are supporting as it is supposed to reflect their taste and choice of lifestyles.

2.    Planning a Global Campaign– After the product has been set to be in the global market, the product’s publicity campaign begins. Global marketing agency looks after creativity, media attention, and mass advertisement ways.

3.    Pricing and Packaging– Price is a delicate term when the product is all set for a new market to enter. It influences the ability of the consumer while purchasing a product. It is one of the key elements of the marketing mix. Packaging also affects the choice of the consumers because it attracts for the purpose.

4.    Market without Boundaries– The product is to be put in the market as there is no difference in strategy. As the use of the internet is expanding, different strategies cannot be adopted for different countries. A unified marketing strategy that can help the product compete in the market needs to be adopted. 

Benefits of Global Marketing 

Benefits of Global Marketing are as follows:-

1. Marketing strategies can help reach a variety of customers. 

2. Global marketing can result in an improved level of communication and coordination in the company’s marketing strategies. New proposals can be adopted, which can increase the brand value of the product and increase sales.

3. There remains stability in the brand image of the product because it operates in the global market.

4. The organization’s marketing practices remain consistent and uniform, which can increase the sale value of the product.

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