How To Write ICT Project Management Assignment?

Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a profound role in any business growth. It improves employee’s communication, automates many business operations, and enhances the transparency of your projects. That will enhance clients and employee satisfaction, increase profits, and gives you a chance to grow.  

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The Outcomes of Applying ICT in your Project Management

The Outcomes of applying ICT in your Project Management are as follows:-

  • Helps in Better Employee Collaboration and Productivity– By equipping your employees with quick internal communications channels that will secure the uninterrupted flow of information. It helps the project managers create countless projects, assign new tasks much faster, and add a team member who is active in the project much faster. 
  • Managing Remote Employees– One of the main problems project managers face when organizing remotes teams in collaborations. To boost their team’s morale, project managers need to provide them with effective multi-channel communication. Apart from taking phone calls, project managers can also plan video conferences for up to 250 people, chat in real-time, share screens, and hold virtual meetings.
  • Reducing Costs– As project managers, you need constant landline phone services to communicate with the clients and employees. With cloud-based phone service, it reduces cost, and its services are delivered over the internet, meaning you have to pay a monthly rate rather than being charged based on the minutes you spent talking.
  • Improving Data Security– To establish the information security in the project management, you should apply certain points such as:- perform risk assessment, work with its department on developing strict information securities policy. Construct a BYOD policy for employees using private devices at work. And to install and update cyber-security tools, such as antimalware, firewall, or encryption software. 
  • Tracking Project Service– Tracking employee productivity via spreadsheet is possible, but it will consume a lot of time. By using project management tools, you can easily track your tasks, projects, and employees. 
  • Simplified Client Reporting– Reporting tools integrate with the most tools your team already uses. That’s why you will be able to merge the features from various tools within a reporting program and see your key KPIs in a single dashboard. That will furnish your team with more granular data analytics and helps you create more relevant client reports.

Five Important Methodologies of ICT Project Management

Five important methodologies of ICT project management are as follows:-

  • Agile- In this methodology, we can think of situations where the solution comes out after self-organizing the efforts.  
  • Scrum– This type of methodology includes respect, focus, commitment, courage, and openness to the project’s employees.
  • Kanban– This methodology is used for personal productivity purposes and focuses on self-managing teams.
  • Lean– This methodology is used for the purpose of maximizing the value of customers.
  • Waterfall– It is one of the oldest methodologies. In this, the progress is tracked down in one direction. 

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