How to Write Leadership Assignment?

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Leadership assignment is all about studying human behavior and how a human can supervise a group of individuals in executing a task. Leadership is the potentiality to lead a group of people within an organization with certain values and codes of conduct in an effective way.

A person should know how to maintain discipline and control any situation in order to be a leader. He is responsible for coming up with an appropriate vision for the organization that will lead it forward. His job doesn’t end just by defying a vision, but he has to work hard to convert that vision into reality.

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People often confuse themselves when separating between a leader and a manager and usually contemplate both of them the same. It doesn’t look like there is any variation between the two, but there are several differences between them. For Example-

Most managers usually allot tasks to the people working under them do not contribute much to the completion of the tasks. On the other hand, people do not work for a leader; they follow them. A leader assigns the tasks for the group, and he himself also works with the same group to accomplish it.

Six Significant Styles of Leadership That are Generally Seen

Six significant styles of leadership that are generally seen are as follows:-

  • Coaching- Coaching leaders are considered important where the employee’s performance would require improvements.
  • Affiliative– This type of leadership is introduced in 2002. An Affiliative leader helps maintain harmony among colleagues and resolve any possible conflicts.
  • Democratic- It is commonly known as participative leadership. The democratic style of leadership promotes suggestions and inputs from all the team members. It is also known for its slow process and would not prevail well in quick decision-making.
  • Commanding- Commanding leaders are more of the traditional leaders. 
  • Pace Settings– These are those leaders who believe in the approach of “lead by example.” They set the standards high for themselves and for their team.
  • Visionary- This kind of leader has an inspiring vision. He motivates his team in order to work in collaboration towards a common objective or goal.

Three basic leadership roles are as follows:-

  • Initiation- Initiation means making planned decisions on various policies and structural changes. These decisions are the key factors in determining the mission and culture of any organization.
  • Speech- This role includes strategic methods, and it also refers to adjusting the existing structure in order to accommodate new decisions.
  • Management- Management refers to putting theoretical policies into practical use. These policies help in the effective management of any organization. 

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