How to Write a Marketing Research Assignment?

Market research is a requisite part of any B-School Curriculum. Most of the theories in marketing revolve around the target customers and the target market. One more notion that helps in gathering information about the potential customer is known as Market Research. Without any necessary research on the market, one cannot create a robust business strategy. Hence, market research is a vital component of business strategy.

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An assignment on marketing research involves understanding the different spectrums of a market to take care of the best available opportunities. Other marketing research has different objectives while some can be as fundamental as finding out information to boost sales while some can take the form of complex research projects in marketing, involves an in-depth study of identified topics and is backed up a literature review, designing of a study method, presenting findings, interpretation of the results and presenting conclusion and recommendation to tie the contents of the report together. 

There are two primary types of Marketing Research such as:-

  • Quantitative Research– Quantitative analysis collects data on a massive scale, as the number suggests. The core of qualitative research is to collect info from the ground level. It would involve customer surveys, feedback, and questionnaires.
  • Qualitative Research– Qualitative Research has more nuance and niche than its counterpart, but qualitative research depends on the former’s data. This research model is more analytic. It focuses on smaller groups and is usually conducted after the quantitative analysis is done. 

Some Methods of Marketing Survey are as follows:-

  • Focus Groups– Focus groups are generally used by the moderator. It is helpful for the managers to understand the customers’ feedback about a service or product. It is a group of six to ten people involved in getting customer feedback and reviews about specific services or products. It also helps to know the customer satisfaction and their concern. 
  • One To One Interviews– It is a type of interview conducted by a company to know whether the customers are utilizing the produced products. It includes questions about the products, services, benefits, and other quarries.
  • Phone Surveys– Business/ organizations use phone surveys to affirm the data given by the focus group. The phone surveys’ data and information portray the clients’ frame of mind for that particular product.  
  • Testing– This is the last method of promoting exploration utilized by organizations to track sales and benefits. It additionally goes about as an extract indicator of the accomplishment of an organization. 

In Market Research at the Initial Level are Being Described in Two Different Ways

In market research at the initial level are being described in two different ways such as:-

  • SWOT Analysis– SWOT is the short-form used for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats that a business entity has. SWOT plays an essential part in order to analyze a product’s design. It also entitles us to evaluate the information of products, customer behavior, and competitors in brief.
  • Market Information and Market Segmentation– This entitles us to estimate and analyze the stipulation in the supply and demand prevailing in the market. On the other hand, market segmentation is the information on the market’s division on the4 basis of requirements of the specific segment and important aspects of the market. 

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