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IoT is a short form of the Internet of things. The Internet of things is defined in several viewpoints, and the main reason behind defining in different viewpoints is because of two words involved in it, Internet and things. It can be explained as the comprehensive and open network of intelligent objects that can auto establish, share information and resources, act, react in the face of situations and transformation in the environment, etc. 

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In the past few decades, the Internet of the thing attracted the attention of industries, users, etc., through projecting the visualization of the interconnected objects’ universal infrastructure, enabling the anytime from anywhere connectivity for everyone. The IoT is also getting popular and considered the universal network that enables the communication between things, human to things, and human to human. 

Use of the Internet of Things

The Internet of things is the regular supporting architecture used to deploy the independent associated services and applications, which is categorized by the high degree of the autonomous capturing of data, event transfer, connectivity of the network, and interoperability. In these terms, the Internet mainly points out the development of an integrated network. The things mainly focus on integrating generic objects into an easy and simple framework to access. 

Current Uses of The Internet of Things

Current Uses of The Internet of Things are as follows:-

  • Household Uses– Smart homes, as in devices like smart AC, get on before you reach the home and get off as soon as you leave home.
  • Connected Cars- Sensors equipped in cars like Tesla, BMW, etc., use it for self-adjustment of seats, mirrors, music, etc.
  • Wearable- Devices gather information from the users by their sensors and cover factors like fitness, entertainment, health, etc.
  • Industrial Internet– It helps in the empowerment of engineering with the help of sensors and software to construct smart machines.
  • In Agricultural– As in smart farming for increasing the yield of food.
  • Smart Cities- Having IoT-enabled cameras for surveillance, automatic transportation, smart energy management, etc.
  • Smart Retail- Use of Smartphones in retail. A shopkeeper can connect to their customers and can connect them.
  • Use in Energy Engagement– Use of smart grids.
  • Use in Poultry Framing– Monitoring of the livestock and also their health status of hens and their well-being.
  • In Health Care– For the maintenance of good health of the patients and also of the healthy individuals. IoT still has to be used in the future for the health care industry.

Security Issues in IoT

Security Issues in IoT

  • Cloud Computing Abuse– Cloud computing is enabling the sharing of resources and information between each other. Due to this, there are lots of chances to happen security threats with shared resources and information, such as phishing, Man-in-the-middle attack, etc.
  • Malicious-Insider Threat– In this type of threat, some of the insider people are involved in the data manipulation, which is authorized to access the user’s information or data.   

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