How to Write Operations Management Assignment?

Operations management is an area of evaluating and constantly enhancing the design, production, and management of products, processes, services, and supply chain. It includes gathering production, assembling, and delivering goods and services. Unlike marketing, this bisection is more on the back end of the business, and it is not directly visible to end consumers. However, it is one of the most significant divisions of any business. Writing an assignment on operation management requires testing the classic methods and comparing them with modern models and management concepts. 

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The operations management focuses on supporting the organization in achieving the best possible business outcomes both in the short term and in the long term. In a normal operations management context, the individual leader is expected to have a plan for successful goal fulfillment that the leader continuously follows up upon the execution of. Following up enables the leader to take corrective actions before it is too late and gathers learning based on the deviations from what is expected. 

Principles of scientific Operation Management are as follows:-

  • Scientific education is used to augment the skills and knowledge of workers.
  • There should be effective cooperation between the management and workers.
  • Scientifically selecting the workers.
  • Developing practicable technology.

Operations management also serves with assessing the performance measures of the business processes for an organization. 

The three most Compelling Performance Measures Identified for a Business Organization

The three most compelling performance measures identified for a business organization are:-

  • Throughput- The number of customers, goods, services, or money that goes through a business process per unit of time is identified as its throughput.
  • Flow Time- The total time taken by a business unit to complete a process from beginning to end is called the flow-time. The flow-time of a business is also referred to as their processing time. 
  • Inventory- The inventory of a business in operations management is the number of flow units that are directed by a single business process at any given time. The examples of inventory of business organizations could be the total number of customers present in a store at any given time.  

The importance of Operational Management is as follows:-

  • Operation management principles comprise of production control, proficient trade supervision, material planning, equipment maintenance process, production process, industrial relation with labor, manufacturing, factory management, strategic management program, productivity evolution, process analysis, cost control programs, etc.
  • You can relate to the administration of a firm’s technical and physical functions when you talk about the operation management of a firm. 
  • Operation is mostly concerned with quality control, development, and manufacturing processes.
  • Creatively, rationality, skilled workers, and technological awareness are essential to complete operation management.
  • The operation combines science with arts as it is an engineering process.

Lean manufacturing is an operation management system that requires the organizations to eliminate all the unnecessary processes and waste from the approach adopted to produce the products and services by them. 

The types of Wastes in an Organization Identified for Extending the lean Manufacturing Concept

The types of wastes in an organization identified for extending the lean manufacturing concept by them are:-

  • Overproduction
  • Time in a queue
  • Transportation time
  • Inventory
  • Time in motion
  • Cost of quality
  • Any non-value adding process

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