How To Write Telecommunications Management Assignment?

Telecommunication is the transference of data through an electronics signaling system. The field includes all sorts of distance communication like voice calls, data transfer, video calls, etc. in this process, highly sophisticated machinery and systems are used like telephones, televisions, fiber optics, satellites, etc.   

Telecommunication management plans, implements, monitors, and revises all communication mediums inside an organization and across businesses. Telecommunication management can be divided into communication management, project management, corporate communications, marketing communication, and communication privacy management theory. 

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Telecommunication Management in a Project.

Telecommunication management plans involve gathering and building up information related to an organization so that it should combine with specifically interim to advance unique occasions. Significant access to different assets is basically a stable communication system of management as it proceeds shared development and improvement. Communication management processes are conducted with a view of making sure that it achieves some primary objectives. The main goals of communication management are:- the definitions of communications needed in a project, definition of the deliberate message to pass across to the customers, stakeholders, and the channels of communication required to deliver a message and make sure that the message gets to the right people at the right time. Communication management also explores the stakeholders’ needs and desires, including how their needs can be achieved in a project. 

Project Management Communication Plan

Project management communication plan:-

Telecommunication in a project functions as a part of the reporting, monitoring, and control process related to product development. At this stage, one is expected to prepare a statement of requirements to provide a general description of issues or opportunities and how the objectives would be addressed in this phase. This makes the first phase of a communication plan in project management.

Difference Categories of the Telecommunication Network are as follows:-

  • Corporate networks with the help of WAN
  • Police communication networks 
  • Cellular networks
  • Banking service networks

Topics that are Covered in Telecommunication Management are:-

  • Primary aspects of telecommunication and data communication.
  • Mobile communication process and uses of 3G/4G channels.
  • Different aspects and working with WAN, IP, VoIP, etc.
  • Copper cabling and Fiber optic cabling.
  • Ethernet and its various aspects.
  • Broadband, its advantages, and working procedure.
  • Radiofrequency, essential satellite communications, advanced satellite communication.  

Roles and Responsibilities of a Telecommunication Manager in Management

Roles and Responsibilities of a Telecommunication Manager in Management:-

  • They must develop, implement, and maintain the communications management plan, communication plan, communications materials, and tools.
  • Able to manage the communications process.
  • They are required in a project to ensure that all project personnel is following the established communications management process.
  • They are also required to report on the status of communications.
  • Able to identify and report communication management lessons learned.
  • They are required to collect communication metrics when needed. 
  • They must prepare communications materials and/or delegating to project team members and manage project management’s quality management process. 

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